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XCom Ohio, llC skills and experience

Founded in 1994, XCom Ohio, LLC was developed to bring the complex digital world to the analog customer. We realize that you want to focus on your business and not have to learn all about computers, the internet, printing and the entire digital realm. That's where we come in. We have the knowledge and experience to help you find the right mix of technology to include in your business. Our mantra is "If it's not making you money, you're wasting your time."

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Why XCom Ohio Is Different?

We're more than just a web company!

There are hundreds of web design companies that can build a great site, but just because you have a great site doesn't mean people will come to the site or use your products or services. We want you to be successful because that reflects on us. That means we do everything we can to help you succeed by using the best techniques in digital media

Recent business focus


So many web surfers watch TV and video online, that it makes it critical to include some type of video on your site. Our video team will shoot professional video and help you post it on YouTube and on your site to enhance SEO!


Utilizing a professional photographer who has been in the business for over 25 years, XCom Ohio, LLC will make your new website POP with great photos. Don't settle for pictures from a camera phone. Add that professional look and feel!

Responsive Sites

Responsive sites load correctly on PC, Mac, Tablet or smart phone. This new design technology allows us to build attractive, effective websites that work well for all of those people coming to your site using non-traditional browsers.


It sounds complicated but it's not! This site uses parallaxing. All it means is that images move through the background as you scroll. It gives a great professional look and feel! It also makes your site fun and allows you to guide your visitors' line of sight.

Our Process

Initial Meeting

We will sit down and discuss your vision for your business or organization and how you see your web presence developing your vision.

Your Homework

We provide you with a list of questions that you can answer at your convenience that allows us to better understand your unique business.

We Build It!

After getting your answers, we build your dynamic new site. You can be involved as little or as much as you want during development. Our sites are built in as little as 30 days!

Why choose us?

We are a web company!

95% of our business is building websites and we have been doing this since 1994. You may find there are a lot of companies (or people) out there claiming to be developers around their "full time job." Our experience with customers is that it never works out. Many businesses have come to us after wasting time and money with someone who may or may not get a site done. Save time and money - Call XCom Ohio, LLC First!

Clients say

I have worked with Wes and Xcom since 2006. They have been instrumental in not only building a current web presence for our company, but guiding along the way as our needs and technology changes. Often we will have an idea to add a functionality to our site that we bring to Xcom and they not only can implement it, but also improve upon it to exceed our expectations. We include an annual budget item to continuously improve our site as we find that both existing and future customers as well as our employees rely on the site to transact daily business...a true win-win.

Jon Epling, client

We've used different web design companies in the past and had difficulty with communication and getting done exactly what we want. When using XCom the communication is great and the work was always done exactly as we ask for it!

John Connor, client
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