Graphics & Wraps

page2_img Signage - Whether its graphics for a vehicle, a store front or a special event, XCom Ohio, LLC provides your business with what it takes to get noticed. Our signage is available in sizes up to 4' x 8' and can be produced in several different media formats. Whether you need a large, full-color sign for the front of your business or short-term yard signs, we can help.

XCom Ohio, LLC provides full design services making it easy for you. We can use your design or create a unique design specifically for your business. We do all the work. Give us a call and let us help you get the most of your marketing.

Graphics - From a full vehicle wrap to simple magnetics and anything in between, XCom Ohio, LLC can help you create the perfect design. Pricing on vehicle magnetics start as low as $125. Full Vehicle wraps are as low $1999 (depending on vehicle size and complexity). We can wrap any vehicle or trailer and build the perfect design to represent your business. You can even include drawings and photographs at no additional charge! Need something a little less expensive? Choose full color graphics that don't cover then entire vehicle but still tell your story. Call today for more information! 877.245.0681.

Graphics & Signs

Eye Catching Designs

XCom Ohio, LLC creates designs that get attention and make you money. Full color graphics are a great way to show your professionalism and we can even create signs and vehicle graphics that incorporate text, special designs and even photos.

Durable Indoors or Out

Utilizing specialty ink and media designed specifically for outdoor applications the design team at XCom Ohio, LLC makes signs and vehicle graphics that last for years outdoors and even longer inside! Call today and we'll help you build the perfect advertising.

Do You Need A Full Wrap?

The answer is yes if you want a full, mobile billboard. Vehicle wraps are still very rare, which means they get attention. Have you ever driven down the road and seen a car, truck or bus enveloped in a full graphic? If the answer is yes, it means they got your attention.

Drive & Advertise

Vehicle Graphics
Size matters!

If you have a large trailer or truck that you use in business, it can be one of your best forms of advertising. You already drive your vehicle and pay a lot for gas. Now you can get that money back by advertising while you drive. Next time you are on the road, count the number of cars you pass and the number of cars that pass you. Each of these cars probably have several people in them. All of these people would see your vehicle advertising. That could be as many at 5,000 to 10,000 people in one day!

XCom Ohio, LLC creates designs that make you money. Our design team will build a full marketing plan including web, signage and print. Want to find out more? Call Today! 877.245.0681